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“Limerick Seniors Forum seeks to use our skills, expertise, and resources to support and advance our common goals, to retain our rights, dignity, and entitlements as senior citizens and to effectively continue our positive contribution to society”

January 2018

Health and Safety Policy Limerick Seniors Forum

To whom it may concern

The Committee of Limerick Seniors Forum is committed to the Health, Welfare, and Safety of all persons with whom we engage with for the purpose of providing Information & Advocacy to older adults.  We adopt a holistic approach for the respect, inclusion, and safeguarding of all older adults, whilst recognising older adults as autonomous we are also of the opinion older adults are a distinct group with a particular set of needs.  With consideration of vulnerabilities that comes with ageing this policy sets out to ensure:

  1. Members are respected and protected from all forms of abuse
  2. Committee members are supported and provided with updates on requirements and recommendations of being a committee member with responsibility to safeguarding themselves and those whom we seek to support
  3. Committee Members conduct regular checks on risk assessment whilst engaging in work on behalf of Limerick Seniors Forum
  4. Limerick Seniors Forum ensures members personal information is stored securely and only used for the intended purpose it was obtained, we fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 – 2002, Limerick Seniors Forum Health & Safety policy adopts the principles of the (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 to 2016. A review of this policy will take place yearly to ensure we are responding to the needs of our members and to ensure compliance with agreed standards of good practice with associated statutory bodies.

Noreen Waters


Limerick Seniors Forum